"And you know how people always say, 'What was the last thing you said?' I said I loved him."
- Nanci Koschman, about her son, David

Latest News

A quick glance at the most recent developments in the case.

Cops: Daley’s nephew shouldn’t have been charged

5 years after guity plea, last cop facing disciplinary action argues Daley nephew shouldn’t have been charged.

Daley’s testimony stays secret: court

Whatever ex-mayor, family told special prosecutor will remain secret.

Illinois Supreme Court to decide whether Daley testimony on Koschman gets released

Special prosecutor: Anything I turned up is secret because I was running grand jury investigation — even material not presented to grand jurors.

Judge: Sun-Times broke privacy law with details on cops in Daley nephew lineup

Ruling says paper violated law in publishing birth months/years, heights, weights, hair/eye colors of cops who were “fillers” in lineup.

Daley’s statement on Koschman case to stay secret

Appeals court won’t release Daley’s statement to special prosecutor on what he knew about David Koschman case.

Koschman cop Sam Cirone gets $37K in OT while fighting suspension

Sam Cirone gets $37K in OT while fighting City Hall over year’s suspension.

Judge: Koschman cop’s punishment up to arbitrator, not police board

Apparent loophole in union contract Emanuel administration signed could mean arbitrator, not police board, decides Cirone’s fate.

'If this person were a normal citizen,
particularly an African-American person and
not the nephew of the mayor of Chicago,
he would have been indicted.' — G. Flint Taylor, attorney for Nanci Koschman, talking about Richard J. Vanecko

Sun-Times Investigation

A Sun-Times investigation by Tim Novak, Chris Fusco and Carol Marin led to the appointment of a special prosecutor and involuntary manslaughter indictment of Richard J. "R.J." Vanecko.

Who killed David Koschman?

Medical examiner’s office called it homicide, but 7 years later, no charges had been filed.

An anguish that won’t end

Nearly 7 years later, David Koschman’s mom says she’ll never forget her last words to him.

Witness: Koschman wasn’t the aggressor

Says prosecutors’ conclusion that Koschman “was the aggressor” is a “flat-out lie.”

Missing file: Vanecko was ‘very aggressive’

A police report from 2004 had never made public.


Police release photos months after the Sun-Times sought them.

Koschman witness: I felt intimidated

Private investigator’s visit to Koschman witness prompts inquiry from special prosecutor.

Daley’s police detail under scrutiny

Special prosecutor continues to look into why authorities didn’t file charges.

Cop involved in Koschman case assaulted woman in Michigan

Pleaded “no contest” to two misdemeanors and was fined $600 after victim stopped cooperating.

'This is not a case of whodunnit. We know who done it.'
— Judge Michael P. Toomin

Key Developments

From the case being closed, to a special prosecutor being assigned and charges being filed, there have been many twists and turns.

Chief judge: Case needs outsider

Illinois Supreme Court asked to assign a judge from outside Cook County to preside over case.

Daley nephew charged in Koschman killing

Indictment is stunning swing in case that police, prosecutors said didn’t merit charges.

Webb appointed as special prosecutor

Former U.S. Attorney won the convictions of corrupt Cook County judges.

Justice at last for Koschman?

Judge says “the system has failed,” and agrees to appoint special prosecutor.

Mom asks for special prosecutor

Asserts that criminal charges would have been filed long ago if not for the Daley connection.

Vanecko guilty in Koschman death

Richard “R.J.” Vanecko stood before a judge Friday and admitted he was guilty and received a 60-day jail sentence.

Case closed, no charges

Police say they didn’t pursue charges because punch was thrown in self-defense.

'It does seem unusual a file could be missing for a long time and suddenly it reappears.'
— Former Chicago police Supt. Jody Weis

Koschman Archive

Stories, columns and editorials the Sun-Times has written on the Koschman case, along with police reports and court documents.


Police say Daley nephew Richard J. "R.J." Vanecko is involved in altercation outside a bar that led to the death of David Koschman. READ THE STORY


Chicago Police Supt. Phil Cline says no charges will be filed in Koschman death, saying there is insufficient evidence. READ THE STORY


Chicago Sun-Times
investigation prompts police
to reexamine
Koschman's death. READ THE STORY


Years after her son's
violent death, an anguished Nanci Koschman still grieves,
wants answers. READ THE STORY


Chicago police say Mayor Daley's nephew received no special treatment during their investigation of Koschman's death. READ THE STORY


Editorial: A thorough reinvestigation — by a special prosecutor — is necessary in the name of justice to clear the air of a possible fix. READ THE STORY


Witness: Prosecutors’ conclusion that Koschman “was the aggressor and had initiated the physical confrontation” is “flat-out lie.” READ THE STORY


For the first time, Chicago police say they know who hit Koschman and knocked him to the ground, leading to his death — but they’re not telling. READ THE STORY


Marin: This case automatically became more complicated because every member of the older group had deep ties to the Daley family. READ THE STORY


Chicago police have
closed the case, and aren't talking.
But many questions
remain unanswered. READ THE STORY


Police reports — recently released after a Sun-Times records request — leaves gaps in recounting what witnesses say happened. READ THE STORY


Cook County prosecutors: Case would be tough to prove because witnesses now contradict what they told the police 7 years ago. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Who will restore confidence that there is a single standard of justice with no privileges for the nephews of mayors? READ THE STORY


Mitchell: Somebody died. And justice demands that the person who was responsible for the fatal blow be held accountable. READ THE STORY


Marin: Wherever the career of Anita Alvarez takes her next, let’s hope she rediscovers her voice for the voiceless before she leaves. READ THE STORY


Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez asks the Illinois State Police to look into the Chicago Police Department's investigation. READ THE STORY


The Illinois State Police agree to request by Alvarez; will review the Chicago Police Department’s investigation of the homicide. READ THE STORY


Marin: What the case needs is an independent probe, not one done by the former Alvarez aide now running the state police.READ THE STORY


City of Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson’s office has begun seeking documents about the case from the police. READ THE STORY


Detective Ron Yawger says he was stymied by a lack of cooperation by Vanecko and the friends who were with him that night in 2004. READ THE STORY


Yawger was previously accused in a federal indictment of providing security for a cocaine sale
but found not guilty. READ THE STORY


In an about-face, the Illinois State Police won’t investigate the 2004 homicide case — after telling state's attorney they would. READ THE STORY


Former Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis says it’s time four friends of Koschman are taken up on their offer to take a polygraph test. READ THE STORY


The interim director of the Illinois State Police suggests that the case be examined instead by an agency that could convene a grand jury. READ THE STORY


Police ask Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office to ensure that police lineup photos, as well as other records, aren’t made public. READ THE STORY


The two detectives who supervised lineups involving Vanecko and his friends have retired and now are working at other government jobs. READ THE STORY


Marin: Why devote so many words and so much time to this story? Because we’re not getting answers to important questions. READ THE STORY


Vanecko is busy chasing Hollywood dream while inspector general’s office investigates how police handled Koschman case. READ THE STORY


Marin: Seven years later, authorities still refuse to reveal exactly how law enforcement dealt with this tragic case. Was there VIP treatment? READ THE STORY


Koschman's final days and extensive medical treatment detailed in 1,338 pages of records provided by Northwestern Memorial Hospital. READ THE STORY


Vanecko's father has been a leading surgeon for decades at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where Koschman was taken.READ THE STORY


Alvarez now is blocking county Inspector General Patrick Blanchard from investigating how state's attorney's office handled the case. READ THE STORY


Vanecko’s friends not only didn’t identify him during the initial police investigation, but one

also lied to the police, reports show. READ THE STORY


The other key figure in the deadly 2004 confrontation is a British-born businessman who’s also related to the Daley family. READ THE STORY


Sandra Bullock, Robert De Niro, Cameron Diaz and Ricky Gervais each starred in a movie that Vanecko helped finance. READ THE STORY


From hired trucks to homicide,
Mayor Richard M. Daley
was facing some unusually
turbulent times in 2004. READ THE STORY


Investigators from the city of Chicago’s inspector general’s office have now questioned three of four key witnesses. READ THE STORY


Marin: Indiana beach tragedy — similar to Koschman case — stands as a counterpoint to how it could have been in handled in Chicago. READ THE STORY


Report: Director of special events resigned City Hall job while facing prospect of being fired for refusing to cooperate with investigation. READ THE STORY


Marin: Megan McDonald comes forward to tell her side of the story, rebutting report issued by Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson. READ THE STORY


In the latest twist, Chicago Police Department’s original files from the case were missing for months — possibly years. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Is there a single standard of justice in Chicago, or do the rich and powerful — and their nephews — get special treatment? READ THE STORY


Marin: We need a special grand jury. And either Alvarez or
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald needs to call for it. READ THE STORY


A police report from 2004 that was never made public says a witness told cops Vanecko had been acting in a “very aggressive” manner. READ THE STORY


Editorial: The police aren’t saying, but it’s a safe bet that putting a potential death investigation on ice for two weeks is not standard.READ THE STORY


Marin: Alvaraz said she was no defender of the status quo, nobody’s good old boy. Now comes the David Koschman case to test that claim. READ THE STORY


Marin: “I have no information or belief, that anybody interceded . . . on my client’s behalf,” says Vanecko's lawyer. READ THE STORY


City Hall still giving Inspector General Joe Ferguson the stiff arm, objecting to share certain information with him.READ THE STORY


Vanecko was the biggest man involved in the confrontation — but he wasn’t the tallest or the biggest in the police lineup. READ THE STORY


The man who lied to the police twice and, as a result, may have delayed the investigation had six prior run-ins with the law in three different states. READ THE STORY


A closer look at Kevin McCarthy’s lengthy arrest record — including disorderly conduct, weapons, drug and battery charges.READ THE STORY


Nanci Koschman asks for the appointment of a special prosecutor, asserting Daley connection hindered investigation.READ THE STORY


Koschman’s mom: "If David
had punched R.J. Vanecko,
I'd be visiting my son in prison
this Christmas."READ THE STORY


Editorial: There are too many reasons to believe the investigation was a whitewash — and we hope Alvarez will support petition. READ THE STORY


Cook County state’s attorney’s office indicates it may challenge Nanci Koschman's effort to get a special prosecutor appointed. READ THE STORY


Arguments over whether a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate case set for March 6 by a Cook County judge.READ THE STORY


Cook County State’s Attorney says there’s no reason to have a special prosecutor re-investigate Koschman’s violent death.READ THE STORY


The Better Government Association has filed a “friend of the court”
brief backing the call for a special prosecutor to look into case.READ THE STORY


In a 46-page filing, Alvarez also disclosed that she and inspector general are “partners” in an “ongoing investigation."READ THE STORY


Five police officers are suing the Sun-Times for publishing the names and faces of the officers who took part in the Vanecko photo lineup.READ THE STORY


Brown: I’m more persuaded
than ever that state's attorney's office is not the proper authority

to lead such an investigation. READ THE STORY


Koschman's attorneys want transcripts of recent interviews investigators conducted with Koschman’s friends and witnesses.READ THE STORY


Judge gives Alvarez’s office until Feb. 21 to oppose an effort by Koschman's family to make public transcripts of witness interviews.READ THE STORY


Detectives interviewed only two of the eight known witnesses in the 11 days before Koschman died; cops’ vacations led to quick halt of probe.READ THE STORY


Alvarez fights an effort by Koschman family to make public the transcripts of witness interviews related to homicide case.READ THE STORY


Cook County judge orders state's attorney to turn over transcripts of six witness interviews to Koschman's family. READ THE STORY


Judge making decision on whether to order special prosecutor

has contributed to Alvarez’s
re-election campaign.READ THE STORY


Vanecko “may have made an admission of guilt” to detectives that he threw the punch, attorneys for Koschman’s family said in filing.READ THE STORY


Alvarez insists she has no conflicts of interest in case, but Koschman family points to photos of her and former mayor. READ THE STORY


Vanecko’s attorneys say he never confessed and didn’t talk to the police or a prosecutor who was present at the lineup. READ THE STORY


Judge questions self-defense finding; 5 witnesses gave sworn statements denying that Koschman was physically aggressive.READ THE STORY


Nanci Koschman: I’m just a hurt mom looking for justice, and if the people did mishandle it, that they be held accountable.READ THE STORY


Judge says “the system has failed” Koschman and appoints special prosecutor to take another look into the case and how it was handled.READ THE STORY


Alvarez says she won’t appeal judge’s ruling to appoint an outside prosecutor, but defends how she handled the case.READ THE STORY


"It's been a long time coming," Nanci Koschman says after a judge agreed to appoint a special prosecutor reexamine her son's death. READ THE STORY


Cook County Circuit judge: This is not a whodunnit. We know who done it. There’s a known offender and yet no charges. READ THE STORY


Brown: Delizon Bush got his justice. David Koschman, though still waiting for his, is closer than I would have ever thought possible. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Anyone who had
a role in sidetracking this case must be called out and held

accountable. READ THE STORY


Former U.S. Attorney Dan K. Webb — who won convictions of corrupt Cook County judges — will be special prosecutor. READ THE STORY


Editorial: We fully expect Webb
to take the evidence wherever it leads him, letting the chips fall where they may. READ THE STORY


Witness says he felt intimidated by investigator, who claimed to be working for Koschman’s mom — but was hired by Vanecko’s lawyer. READ THE STORY


Vanecko’s lawyer is known for his connections — and those ties extend to all corners of the probe into Koschman's death. READ THE STORY


Citing an exemption in the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, Chicago police refuse to make 297 email exchanges about case public. READ THE STORY


Marin: Public officials care more about protecting their turf on their terms than they care about the transparency they pretend to value. READ THE STORY


Webb acknowledges
he has empaneled a grand jury and that his investigation is moving quickly. READ THE STORY


Sneed: Cook County grand juries traditionally do their work at the Criminal Courts Building under the watch of Alvarez, but not this time. READ THE STORY


Grand jury looking for any surveillance video that might show Vanecko throwing the punch that led to Koschman’s death.READ THE STORY


Webb submits his
first bills as
special prosecutor — totaling $255,213. READ THE STORY


County Commissioner John P. Daley joined the rest of the Cook County Board in voting to approve paying legal bills for the special prosecutor. READ THE STORY


Special prosecutor
moves on to questioning
police; legal tab
now tops $366,000. READ THE STORY


Marin: The cops filed remarkably incomplete reports of the incident. As they did with Anthony Abbate. And this is how a cop works. READ THE STORY


The cost of the ongoing
investigation by
special prosecutor Webb is now up to $585,739. READ THE STORY


Vanecko indicted on
involuntary manslaughter charges — and others could still
face charges. READ THE STORY


After the punch, Vanecko moved to Hollywood — has been spotted in Chicago only sporadically since then. READ THE STORY


Brown: A historic blow on behalf of the little guys of this city and against the sense of immunity enjoyed by its political elite. READ THE STORY


Alvarez says that neither
she nor prosecutors did anything wrong in their handling of the investigation. READ THE STORY


For years, Nanci Koschman was so consumed by grief she couldn’t bring herself to talk about the violent death of her only child. READ THE STORY


David Koschman made friends easily. He knew James Copeland since fourth grade and met Scott Allen on the baseball diamond. READ THE STORY


Webb well-versed in all things Rush Street — especially police corruption, which he says is difficult to detect.READ THE STORY


Marin: There have been no Christmas lights at Nanci Koschman’s Mount Prospect home for a very long time.READ THE STORY


Mitchell: It took eight years and a steady flow of ink, but Nanci Koschman will finally get a shot at justice for her son.READ THE STORY


Editorial: A mother’s prayers
for justice answered as the
rusty wheels of justice
begin to turn. READ THE STORY


Series of Sun-Times stories led
to the appointment of special prosecutor and indictment
of Daley nephew.READ THE STORY


William Daley says the death was “a tragedy all the way around,” but Vanecko is “basically
a good kid.” READ THE STORY


Toomin made headlines for the first time 56 years ago, when he was expelled from New Trier High School for stealing a police car. READ THE STORY


Marin: Toomin’s GED, hanging on his bench, seems to be a statement that every one of us has to answer for our actions. READ THE STORY


Brown: Bill Daley on ‘opportunity’ and ‘scrutiny’ that come
with being a member
of the Daley family. READ THE STORY


Investigators for Webb obtain a video showing Koschman and four of his friends entering and leaving a Division Street bar. READ THE STORY


Vanecko returns to Chicago; processed by the Cook County state’s attorney office and gets his booking mug shot. READ THE STORY


Vanecko expected to make
first court appearance
on charges of involuntary
manslaughter. READ THE STORY


Vanecko judge has long ties
to former Mayor
Richard M. Daley. READ THE STORY


Sneed: Webb to question ex-Daley bodyguard who was placed in charge of the Daleys’ security detail months after Koschman died. READ THE STORY


Lawyers want to know if Webb will cite Vanecko’s past crimes when he’s tried for involuntary manslaughter. READ THE STORY


Marin: Trial needs to be free
of even the appearance
of a conflict of interest on part
of judge. READ THE STORY


Brown: Judging by his own disclosure, Hill is not merely just another assistant state’s attorney who served under Daley. READ THE STORY


Editorial: A Cook County judge just won’t do. The appearance of impartiality, if not the reality, hangs in the balance. READ THE STORY


Sneed: Ex-Daley bodyguard abruptly cancels his voluntary appearance for grand jury questioning. READ THE STORY


Marin: Alvarez’s efforts
at damage control keep
generating more damage
than control. READ THE STORY


Why did detectives open “non-criminal” investigation on the same day they reclassified battery case as a homicide? READ THE STORY


Cook County’s chief judge asks the high court to assign a judge from outside Cook County
to preside over case. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Cook County Circuit Judge Arthur Hill Jr. made the right call Monday when he stepped aside from the manslaughter case.READ THE STORY


Brown: Outside judge
for Vanecko case will boost confidence in outcome —whatever that may be. READ THE STORY


McHenry County chief judge:
I’ll pick ‘best suited’
jurist to oversee
Vanecko case. READ THE STORY


McHenry County judge
who handles a wide variety of juvenile matters will preside over Vanecko case. READ THE STORY


Judge selected to oversee
case makes one thing clear:
She doesn’t know anyone
involved in case. READ THE STORY


Members of police detail
that served former Mayor Daley
being questioned


Victim in 1992 bat attack
at Daley summer home
now runs tea-importing
business. READ THE STORY


After 5,400 hours spent
on probe into investigation,
Webb’s team will now
work for free. READ THE STORY


Marin: Webb’s move to stop billing
is not only strategic, but smart.
It sends a chilling message
going forward.READ THE STORY


Vanecko judge averted financial disaster when she divorced husband, but still lives with him in home they shared as couple. READ THE STORY


McHenry County judge
has old family connections
dating back to Richard J. Daley
political machine. READ THE STORY


Ties to Daley
originated with a
Depression-era friendship
between two girls. READ THE STORY


Editorial: No need to wait
for a third strike — it’s time
for the judge
to step aside. READ THE STORY


Report: Key case files were “removed” without authorization, apparently by someone in the department. READ THE STORY


Cop who found Koschman files was in jeopardy of losing his job nearly nine years ago after being charged with a sex crime in Michigan. READ THE STORY


Marin: Cover-up is a powerful
term. Inflammatory even.
But the headlines
have left little doubt. READ THE STORY


Editorial: It’s not
all about the
punch. It’s about
the smell of a fix. READ THE STORY


Vanecko judge now subject
of ethics investigation over her divorce from a man who continues to live with her. READ THE STORY


Latest tally for special prosecutor comes in at $1,036,211
— $966,582 of it is
for legal fees. READ THE STORY


Editorial: A cleaner
criminal justice system
doesn’t come cheap. Not in Chicago, anyway. READ THE STORY


Judge tells lawyers
to keep January, February
open for trial as
grand jury still at work. READ THE STORY


Brown: The judge who presides
over the case should be able
to pass the smell test.
McIntyre doesn’t. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Never preside over a trial involving questions of ethical misbehavior when your ethics are in question. READ THE STORY


Grand jury investigation into the way police and prosecutors handled the case ends, and no new indictments will be issued. READ THE STORY


Brown: It’s unfathomable that an effort undertaken to shed light on inconsistencies in investigation would result in a secret report. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Here’s hoping the full report reveals every back-slapping backroom understanding and every lost file. READ THE STORY


Marin: A three-year statute of limitations blocks Nanci Koschman like an armed guard
at the gate of justice.READ THE STORY


Nanci Koschman knows that her only child wasn’t just a victim
of a crime but also of
City Hall corruption.READ THE STORY


McHenry County judge
is expected to set trial date,
possibly for January
or February.READ THE STORY


Vanecko's involuntary
manslaughter trial set for Feb. 18,
expected to last more
than a week. READ THE STORY


Marin: Daley nephew,
who never intended
to kill David Koschman,
never was the villian. READ THE STORY


The Chicago Sun-Times and WMAQ-Ch. 5 ask judge to unseal a special prosecutor’s report on his investigation. READ THE STORY


Editorial: As a matter of law and the public’s right, we believe
the judge has no choice but
to unseal report. READ THE STORY


Judge wants to hear from
key parties in the case before deciding whether to unseal
the report. READ THE STORY


Vanecko lawyer: Releasing
special prosecutor's report
would violate Vanecko’s right
to a fair trial.READ THE STORY


The Chicago police union
wants judge to keep special prosecutor’s report hidden from the public.READ THE STORY


A Cook County judge said
Friday he’ll rule next week whether to unseal a special prosecutor’s report.READ THE STORY


Judge denies motion
to unseal special prosecutor's
report, but says he will once
trial is over.READ THE STORY


Two friends of Vanecko
were granted immunity
to testify in front of
grand jury.READ THE STORY


Marin: Time we knew what happened in Koschman case. READ THE STORY


Vanecko's lawyers say manslaughter indictment
should be thrown out
for multiple reasons. READ THE STORY


Brown: I’d hate to be picked as a juror in the trial of Richard “R.J.” Vanecko, because they
won't have it easy. READ THE STORY


Richard "R.J." Vanecko's attorneys want one of Cook County’s most celebrated prosecutors from testifying at Vanecko’s trial. READ THE STORY


Webb says Richard "R.J." Vanecko was drinking for eight hours before he delivered fatal blow
to David Koschman. READ THE STORY


Special prosecutor says Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko's friends “concocted their stories” about the violent confrontation. READ THE STORY


Marin: I wonder when it’s
all over, will anyone involved
ever say how deeply sorry
they are. READ THE STORY


McHenry County Circuit Judge Maureen P. McIntyre rejected all three arguments Vanecko’s lawyers made to throw out the case. READ THE STORY


Brown: The one big question remaining is whether
or not Vanecko
will go on trial. READ THE STORY


Richard “R.J.” Vanecko stood before a judge Friday, admitted he was guilty and received a 60-day jail sentence. READ THE STORY


Nanci Koschman had never come face to face with the man accused of throwing the punch that killed her son. READ THE STORY


Vanecko, citing "security reasons," asks to serve sentence in McHenry County Jail instead
of Cook County Jail. READ THE STORY


A look at what top
law enforcement officials
have said about
the case as it developed. READ THE STORY


What will 162-page report
of Webb's findings into how police and prosecutors handled the case reveal? READ THE STORY


Marin: R.J. Vanecko has always been alone in court. Surrounded by lawyers, yes. But otherwise, at every appearance, always alone. READ THE STORY


Brown: Justice for David,
and some peace for Nanci READ THE STORY


EDITORIAL: Up next: What role did politics play in case?


Special prosecutor Dan K. Webb will release a 162-page report Tuesday morning detailing how police and prosecutors handled the case. READ THE STORY


Police reports say detectives didn’t learn of the nephew’s involvement until 18 days later – but Daley
quickly knew. READ THE STORY


Ten of the witnesses questioned during the investigation by special prosecutor Dan K. Webb testified under limited grants of immunity. READ THE STORY


Webb considered filing charges against six current Chicago cops but decided there wasn’t enough evidence to convict them. READ THE STORY


Brown: “The Death of David Koschman: Report of the Special Prosecutor Dan K. Webb” is as exhausting as it is exhaustive. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Chicago cops need to pay the price with demotions,
dismissals of those
who did wrong. READ THE STORY


Rahm Emanuel apologizes
to Nanci Koschman for the botched
police investigations
into her son’s death. READ THE STORY


Why no charges for Vanecko pals? Top cops told special prosecutor they didn’t know it was a crime
to lie to police. READ THE STORY


Marin: “I was a Vanecko
special grand juror,”



BROWN: Jury saw what Alvarez missed READ THE STORY


Ex-prosecutor: No law enforcement heroes in Koschman investigation, instead, just fundamental breakdowns. READ THE STORY


Questions about nephew’s involvement set off
scramble inside
Daley’s City Hall. READ THE STORY


Cook County prosecutor
who 'threw away' Koschman
case file quits state's attorney's office. READ THE STORY


Better Government Association: Feds should probe Koschman case to see if any conspiracy or civil rights laws were violated. READ THE STORY


A decade after the fatal punch, Vanecko reports
to McHenry County Jail
to begin serving jail sentence. READ THE STORY


'Missing' case file that
was presumed lost ended up
at Chicago cop's
Northwest Side home. READ THE STORY


Former Chicago police
Supt. Jody Weis calls police's action during the investigation 'embarrassing.' READ THE STORY


Sun-Times learns that special prosecutor turned over all of his evidence in the case to the FBI last June. READ THE STORY


Brown: Federal probe
of handling of Koschman investigation is the next
logical step to take. READ THE STORY


EDITORIAL: Feds can't look away from underlying Koschman story READ THE STORY


A closer look at the 15 questions Special Prosecutor
Dan Webb’s report
doesn’t answer. READ THE STORY


Newly-obtained documents show case was too hot
for Gov. Pat Quinn’s


Vanecko’s McHenry County Jail bill comes to $960 for his 60-day sentence — or
just $16 a day. READ THE STORY


Former U.S. Attorney Dan K. Webb billed $899,307, plus $235,189 in other expenses for investigation. READ THE STORY


Angry since learning the police lied to her, Nanci Koschman says she’ll sue because she ‘Can’t let them get away with this again.’ READ THE STORY


Suit accuses police, City Hall of an “official coverup ... to protect the Daley family
political dynasty.” READ THE STORY


BROWN: Koschman mom won't give up, neither should we READ THE STORY


Webb subpoenaed Northwestern Memorial Hospital to find out who accessed Koschman's medical records. READ THE STORY


Vanecko out of jail. READ THE STORY


Marin: Fire cops in Koschman cover up. READ THE STORY


CPD phasing out lineups, a roadblock in the Koschman case READ THE STORY


After 10 years, CPD wants to talk with Koschman mom. READ THE STORY


City, county: Dismiss Koschman lawsuit. READ THE STORY


Marin: How not to pick a federal judge. READ THE STORY


Lawyers allege conspiracy in case kept Nanci Koschman from suing. READ THE STORY


MARIN: Emails reveal Alvarez closed mind on Koschman case READ THE STORY


Key Chicago Police Department lieutenant had secret meeting with Koschman detective. READ THE STORY


City Hall hasn’t disciplined any cops involved in Koschman case. READ THE STORY


Judge rips defendants but dismisses Nanci Koschman's ‘cover-up’ lawsuit. READ THE STORY


EDITORIAL: Jury still out on justice in Koschman case. READ THE STORY


Koschman mom appeals, pressing for answers on probes of son’s death. READ THE STORY


From Koschman case to seats on the bench. READ THE STORY


While some Koschman cops await their fate, many get big pensions. READ THE STORY


EDITORIAL: Release Koschman grand jury records. READ THE STORY /


Koschman cop found soft landing with state job. READ THE STORY


Year after guilty plea, City Hall probe continues. READ THE STORY


Appeals court: Sun-Times illegally published details about cops in lineup photo. READ THE STORY


BGA sues to get records in Koschman case. READ THE STORY


Koschman mom pushes to revive cover-up suit. READ THE STORY


City Hall set to settle Koschman lawsuit. READ THE STORY


EDITORIAL: The price of justice, Chicago-style. READ THE STORY


Police unions fight inspector general as settlement moves ahead. READ THE STORY


City Council agrees to pay $250,000 to Koschman mom. READ THE STORY


Alvarez: Don’t revive Koschman mom’s lawsuit. READ THE STORY


Koschman lawyers: Revive suit because of “sham investigation.” READ THE STORY


Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez has agreed to a $50,000 settlement with David Koschman’s mother READ THE STORY


Justice delayed again, union appeals stall cop discipline READ THE STORY


Editorial: Discipline bad cops before they retire READ THE STORY


McCarthy promotes cop under investigation in Daley nephew case READ THE STORY


Editorial: Promotion a slap in the face of all Chicagoans READ THE STORY


Andy Shaw: Top cop compounds a big wrong READ THE STORY


Marin: Betrayal of trust in McDonald, Koschman cases READ THE STORY


Detective chief who oversaw Koschman case retires READ THE STORY


Another top Koschman cop quits CPD READ THE STORY


6 Koschman cops face punishment, but 3 quit first READ THE STORY


Supt: Fire 1 cop, suspend 2 for a year in Koschman case READ THE STORY


A key Koschman cop quits in the face of firing READ THE STORY


Editorial: Elect Kim Foxx state’s attorney READ THE STORY


Koschman probes done, but records stay sealed READ THE STORY


Editorial: Grand jury files could get to the bottom of clout in Koschman case. READ THE STORY


Over objections, BGA wants grand jury records released to public. READ THE STORY


2 cops led training sessions at police academy while under investigation in Koschman case READ THE STORY


Editorial: Supt. must teach cops new lessons. READ THE STORY


Judge won’t let City Hall release records in Koschman case READ THE STORY


Escalante cut suspension for Koschman detective READ THE STORY


Koschman `cover-up` now part of police code of silence lawsuit. READ THE STORY


Editorial: Blue code of silence sometimes turns purple. READ THE STORY


Daley nephew’s probation ends. READ THE STORY


Koschman cop says city waited too long, can’t punish him now. READ THE STORY



'The state's attorney said all of the witnesses involved said that David was the aggressor. That was a flat-out lie.' — Witness Michael Connolly


An overview of the case, plus a closer look at David Koschman, Richard J. "R.J." Vanecko, Judge Michael Toomin and special prosecutor Dan Webb.

About the case

Tim Novak and Chris Fusco talk about their investigation and how the case developed.

David Koschman

David Koschman was a 21-year-old enjoying a night out on Rush Street.

Richard J. ‘R.J.’ Vanecko

Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko is named after his grandfather, the late Richard J. Daley.

Dan K. Webb

Former U.S. Attorney Dan K. Webb was brought on as a special prosecutor.

Michael P. Toomin

Cook County judge Michael P. Toomin blasted police and prosecutors for handling of case.

'And I sat there and held him until his heart stopped.'
— Nanci Koschman, on the anguish of losing her son


Photos from the case, plus editorial cartoons from Jack Higgins.

Jack Higgins’ editorial cartoons

Jack Higgins’ sketches out his take on the Koschman case.

David Koschman and family

A look at David Koschman and his mother’s fight for charges to be filed.

Richard J. ‘R.J.’ Vanecko and family

Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko is the nephew of former Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley.

'I believe this office handled this case with the utmost integrity from the get-go.'
— Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez


The Sun-Times' take on the case from our columnists and editorials.

Editorial: Blue code of silence sometimes turns purple

Chicago police code of silence sometimes also means covering up for a firefighter.

Editorial: Supt. must teach cops new lessons

What did disgraced cops teach? How to make stuff up? How to stash files at home?

Editorial: Grand jury files could get to bottom of clout

Why did Dan Webb’s probe go only so high up the ladder of Chicago’s power structure?

Editorial: Elect Kim Foxx state’s attorney

Sun-Times endorses Kim Foxx over incumbent State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Marin: Betrayal of trust in McDonald, Koschman cases

Same police code of silence seen in Laquan McDonald death as with David Koschman, Carol Marin writes.

Andy Shaw: Top cop compounds big wrong

Supt. Garry McCarthy off-base in promoting cop in Koschman case.

Editorial: Promotion a slap in the face of city

Promotion of cop still under investigation is a slap in the face of all Chicagoans.

Editorial: Discipline cops before they retire

Editorial: Discipline cops. Don’t let them avoid punishment by retiring.

'A tragedy all around.' — Bill Daley, Vanecko uncle


We have more than two dozen key documents from the case, ranging from initial police reports to key court motions.

Searchable database of PDF documents

Our database has the important documents from the case with a built-in search function.