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Nanci Koschman.  | Peter Holderness / Sun-Times file photo

Koschman lawyers: Revive civil rights case because of ‘sham investigation’

Cook County prosecutors have no immunity from being sued, Koschman’s mom’s lawyers argue, citing conspiracy, ‘sham investigation.”

Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez.  AP file photo

Alvarez: Don’t revive Koschman mom’s suit

Prosecutors figh against reviving Koschman mom’s civil rights suit.

Nanci Koschman.  | Peter Holderness / Sun-Times file photo

City Council agrees to pay $250,000 to Koschman mom

Aldeman agree to pay Nanci Koschman $250,000 to settle suit that claimed police conspiracy.

Nanci Koschman in March

Police unions fight inspector general as settlement moves ahead

City inspector general is fighting two police unions over the discipline of officers in Koschman case.

Nanci Koschman in March

City set to pay $250,000 to settle suit over Koschman death.

City is set to pay $250,000 to settle Nanci Koschman’s lawsuit over her son’s death.

Nanci Koschman. | Peter Holderness / Sun-Times

Koschman mom pushes to revive cover-up suit

The case thrown out last year by a federal judge who said the statute of limitations had run out.

Dan K. Webb. | Tim Boyle/For Sun-Times Media

BGA sues to get records in Koschman case

The Better Government Association sued special prosecutor Dan K. Webb and City Hall on Thursday for the release of subpoenas and other records.


Appeals court: Sun-Times illegally published details about cops in lineup

The Sun-Times violated privacy law by giving heights, weights of cops in Koschman lineup, appeals court rules.


Year after guilty plea, City Hall probe continues

A year after Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko admitted he killed David Koschman a decade earlier, City Hall probe of police continues.

Ronald E. Yawger

Koschman cop found soft landing with state job

Three years after he led the initial botched investigation, Ronald E. Yawger retired from the Chicago Police Department and took a plum job with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan.