Koschman Archive Voices

Laquan McDonald.

Marin: Betrayal of trust in McDonald, Koschman cases

Same police code of silence seen in Laquan McDonald death as with David Koschman, Carol Marin writes.

Constantine “Dean” Andrews (left) with police Supt. Garry McCarthy in 2012. | Rich Hein   / Sun-Times file photo

Andy Shaw: Top cop compounds a big wrong

Supt. Garry McCarthy off-base in promoting cop in Koschman case.

Police Supt. Garry F. McCarthy, left, with Constantine "Dean" Andrews in March 2012. | Rich Hein~Sun-Times file photo

Editorial: Promotion a slap in the face of city

Promotion of cop still under investigation is a slap in the face of all Chicagoans.

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. | Tim Boyle /  Sun-Times file photo

Editorial: Discipline cops before they retire

Editorial: Discipline cops. Don’t let them avoid punishment by retiring.

Former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. | Sun-Times Media


Is $250,000 a fair sum to settle David Koschman’s mother’s lawsuit?

Dan K. Webb. | Tim Boyle/For Sun-Times Media

Editorial: Release grand jury records

Special prosecutor Dan K. Webb should move to release grand jury records in the David Koschman case.

Inspector General Joseph Ferguson

Editorial: Jury still out on justice in Koschman case

Editorial: Why hasn’t anyone involved in the botched investigations faced any punishment?

Carol Marin

Marin: Emails reveal closed mind on case

Prosecutors cheered on Daley nephew’s effort to keep case from going to special prosecutor, emails show

Carol Marin

Marin: How not to pick a federal judge

It appears Jack Blakey will soon become a federal judge, but his handling of the Koschman case and the NATO 3 case raise questions about whether he should.

Carol Marin

Marin: Fire cops in Koschman cover-up

Cops in cover-up need to be fired.