Mark Brown

Brown: Koschman mom won’t give up

‘Coverup’ suit shows Koschman mom is keeping up her fight for son.

Mark Brown

Brown: Fed probe next logical step

Mark Brown: It looks like Dan Webb’s report won’t be the final word on the police investigation of David Koschman.


Collins: No law enforcement heroes

Ex-prosecutor Patrick Collins: Case needed a law enforcement hero.

Carol Marin

Marin: A peek inside grand jury

Grand juror: “Makes me question my faith on how justice is meted out.”


Editorial: Cops need to pay the price

Nobody had to tell anybody that going after a Daley might not be a ticket to a promotion.

Mark Brown

Brown: Answers in case still elusive

“The Death of David Koschman: Report of the Special Prosecutor Dan K. Webb” is as exhausting as it is exhaustive.

R.J. Vanecko walks out of court, alone, after pleading guilty Friday in the death of David Koschman. | Tim Boyle/For Sun-Times Media

Marin: Where were Daleys during plea?

R.J. Vanecko has always been alone in court. Surrounded by lawyers, yes. But otherwise, at every appearance, always alone.

Mark Brown

Brown: Justice finally in Koschman case

Justice was a long time coming in the death of David Koschman, but 10 years late or not, it was justice all the same.

Mark Brown

Brown: Will there be a trial?

The big question remaining: Will Vanecko go to trial?

Carol Marin.jpg

Marin: On verge of justice for Koschman

I wonder when it’s all over, will anyone involved ever say how deeply sorry they are.