Nanci Koschman  |  Peter Holderness~Sun-Times

Nanci Koschman | Peter Holderness~Sun-Times

Rahm offers sympathy to Koschman mom

Published Feb. 5, 2014
City Hall Reporter

Mayor Rahm Emanuel went about as far as he could Wednesday in expressing his sympathy to Nanci Koschman without apologizing for the botched police investigations into her son’s death that drew sharp criticism this week from a special prosecutor.

“There’s a loss of life senselessly and needlessly — and way too young to be taken, most importantly, from his family but [also] from his friends,” Emanuel said of David Koschman, who died 11 days after being punched by Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko, a nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley, during a Division Street altercation in 2004. “I do think it’s important for Mrs. Koschman to know that the entire city is thinking of her.”

One day after the release of special prosecutor Dan Webb’s 162-page report on the Koschman case, Emanuel said he’ll wait to see City Hall Inspector General Joe Ferguson’s recommendations before deciding whether to take disciplinary action against six current Chicago police officers.

Webb said Tuesday he considered filing criminal charges against the officers for their roles in the 2011 re-investigation of Koschman’s death but decided there wasn’t enough evidence to convict them.

“Joe Ferguson….was involved in each of the interviews going along,” Emanuel said. “It is now in his court. He is conducting his investigation.

“He’s asked nothing to be done until he finishes his work. I have to do that. I’m going to respect that.”

Emanuel was asked whether he meant for his comment about Nanci Koschman to be taken as apology.

“It’s intended to be heard, speaking on behalf of the entire city, as one who understands the unnecessary pain and anguish she’s gone through,” he said.